Best Home Gym Reviews

Things to Consider While Buying a Home Gym?

For many people who are looking to get into shape, a home gym is a great solution. Perhaps you can’t afford a pricey gym membership, don’t like having to drive back and forth to the gym, feel uncomfortable exercising in front of total strangers, or get tired of waiting for the machine you want to use to become available.

A home gym solves all of these issues, while giving you everything you need to get physically fit, right from the comfort of your own home.

So, what are some things to ask yourself when shopping for the best home gym?

Even though the cost of investing in a home gym doesn’t come cheap, consider the money you will be saving on a gym membership, as well as on the gas saved from driving to and from the gym. Look for home gym models that offer a wide spectrum of exercises to give you a complete workout, with features such as an incline and decline bench press, rowing machine, shoulder press, calf press, and squat assist.

Purchasing a home gym system is actually cheaper in the long run that it would be to purchase each of the machines individually, plus it takes up less space than several separate units.

Here we give you some home gym reviews to help you decide what product is right for you.

Top 5 Home Gyms on the Market

Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym with Squat Attachment and Olympic Leverage Flat Incline Decline Bench (SBL460P4) Review

Body-Solid Free-Weight Leverage Gym

This Body Solid model offers users a maximum training experience using free-weight leverage. It offers 40 exercises for all parts of the body including the shoulders, chest, legs, biceps, abdominals, biceps, etc. This extra sturdy machine weighs in at 750 pounds and is constructed with a 3 by 3 inch steel mainframe. Each workout station has safety features to prevent accidental pinning under heavy weights. This model measures 104 x 83 x 107. This is an example of the best home gym equipment for achieving maximum goals in gaining both size and strength.

Customers who have purchased this model state that it is a very well built machine that is fairly easy to put together and comes with clear assembly instructions. Users consider it to be one of the best gyms for home fitness due to the fact it offers such a variety of exercises that work out every muscle in the body. Users says it gives them a great burn and really does the job.

The only real complaints from those who have purchased this model seem to be with isolated incidents where they received a package with missing pieces or where they received two of one piece while missing another. Aside from a few of these types of comments, overall the reviews were very positive. One buyer did mention that he has to occasionally tighten the bolts from time to time.

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Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Review

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym

The EXM 1500S is one of the top rated home gyms for the money, receiving the #1 Best Buy Rating in Consumer Magazine. Priced at around $1,150 and weighing 330 pounds, this unit measures 49 x 36 x 83 and is great for smaller spaces. This model features an 160 pound adjustable weight stack, multi-grip press, lat bar, straight bar, XL adjustable seat pad, and ab strap. This is an all in one unit that allows users to perform bicep curls, seated rows, wrist curls, standing leg curls, bent over rows, toning of the inner and outer thighs, and much more. Product also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Customers who have purchased this product have said that it is a well designed unit that is very sturdy and allows for full range of movement during exercising. Almost all satisfied customers stated that this home gym is an excellent value, especially for the price. Users also mention that they get the same workout at home while using this machine that they would from going to the gym, minus the expense and hassle.

Very few customers gave this product negative reviews, and the ones who did mainly had issues with shipping problems or customer service. One customer complained about the ergonomics of the machine when using certain exercise features.

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BodyCraft XPress Pro 200lb. Single Stack Gym Review

BodyCraft XPress Pro

BodyCraft gives us a candidate for best home gym with their Xpress Pro model. This model weighs 575 pounds and measures 56.5 x 83 x 82.9 inches. This home gym features a cable stations with adjustable arms, bench press station that has an adjustable starting point, adjustable seat and seat back, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The cable arms utilize the use of pulleys and cables to provide the user with natural, unrestricted, and biomechanically correct movements, making this one of the best gyms for home fitness.

Users who own this product give it rave reviews, stating that it is a solid, well built machine that is also extremely compact. Those who have used it say that it has really gotten them into shape, and one user who wasn’t entirely interested in fitness before ordering is now completely committed to his workout routine and is now improving his health from using this machine. Users also commented about how the machine is set up well and in such a way that allows for full range of motion while working out.

There were no truly negative comments made about this BodyCraft model. A few users had issues with assembly and mentioned that the machine came in many, many parts, but still gave the product a 5 star review for performance. Another very tall user said some of the features are difficult for him to use because he is 6ft3 inches tall. Aside from these minor concerns, the reviews were very positive.

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The PR1000 is one of the best home gym equipment choices for those who have limited space because this unit is very compact. Weighing 149.2 pounds and measuring 8 x 33 x 54 inches, this machine is priced at $449.99. This unit offers over 30 different strength training exercises, rowing machine rail, horizontal bench press, and lat pull down. This machine can be adjusted to provide anywhere from 5 to 210 pounds of resistance. Model also folds for easy storage.

Customers who have purchased this product state that is was just what they were looking for and provides them with a great workout and toning. From their opinions, it’s safe to say this is one of the top rated home gyms for the money. Comments were made that the machine is sturdy and that all exercises operate very smoothly.

One customer stated that they didn’t like having to switch out cables between exercises. Others said that it didn’t provide them with the same “feeling” of lifting weights that they were used to. This model also has a user weight limit of 300 pounds, only a one year warranty on the frame, five year warranty on the rods, and a 60 day warranty for parts.

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